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All in One Export tool for Instagram comments, posts, likes or followers.

Provide us Instagram username, hashtag or link on post and we will export data to .csv, .xlsx or Google spreadsheet file.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What data can I export?
You can export the following data:
  • Posts from account or hashtag
  • Comments for a post
  • Likes for a post
  • User's Followers
How long the data export takes?
It depends on the type of export. But approximately data export takes:
  • Posts, likes, comments:
    1000 items - 2 minutes,
    10,000 items - 30 minutes,
    100,000 items - around 6 hours.
  • Followers:
    1000 items - 10 minutes,
    10,000 items - 1 hours,
    100,000 items - around 12 hours.
I need a custom data export, can you help me?
Sure! We can:
  • Export all likes or comments from all account posts.
  • Export posts for some date range.
  • Export more than 200,000 items.
  • And much more...
Just email us instaloadgram@gmail.com and provide details about your custom export.
I paid for 10000 items but exported only 6000 items. How can I export the remaining 4000 items?

We can export for your remaining 4000 items(it can by any data: posts, likes, comments or followers).
Just email us to instaloadgram@gmail.com and provide your order ID or email address.

Note: The exported data can be used for research or analysis purposes.